How to determine if my Blackvue is compatible?

BlackVue Over the Cloud works with the DR650GW Series models manufactured after April 2015. To check if your model is compatible with the service and receive your Cloud security code, follow the next steps.
1. You will need a photo of the product’s serial number and a screenshot of the default SSID, which shows the unit’s MAC address.
2. Serial number: take a photo of the serial number sticker on your product or on the product’s packaging.
3. MAC address: the default SSID of your BlackVue contains its MAC address. In case you changed the SSID, please update the firmware of your BlackVue to the latest version. This will reinitialize the SSID.

Android: using the BlackVue C App and with your BlackVue powered on, go to “BLACKVUE WI-FI” and take a screenshot of the SSID showed on the BlackVue Wi-Fi login screen.



iOS: with your BlackVue powered on, take a screenshot of your BlackVue’s network name showing under Settings –> Wi-Fi


4. Send the photo of the Serial Number and the screenshot showing the SSID/MAC address to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
5. After the confirmation of compatibility, you will be issued a Cloud security code.
6. If your BlackVue is not compatible, our Customer Support team will follow up with you on the modalities of upgrade.

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