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The largest capacity battery pack in the EGEN Cellink range, the Cellink NEO 9 is specially designed to provide independent power to your dash cam device, delivering extended Parking Mode operation and increased recording time, without ever having to draw power from the vehicle’s battery. NEO 9 charges when the vehicle is running and provides continuous 12V power when the ignition is switched-off and the vehicle is unattended, for example when parked overnight, allowing your dash cam to continue recording in Parking Mode for extended periods of time.

  • NEO 9 independently powers a dash cam in parking Mode without the need to ever draw power directly from the vehicle's battery
  • Hardwire to the vehicle for faster charging
  • Extended Operation - 24 hours of constant recording
  • 40 mins charge time hardwired, 80 mins via cigarette lighter
  • Battery Manager App for iOS & Android
  • Expandable - add EXT7+ expansion pack to increase capacity

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